and the next instant, still holding him, she sprang up with her

face convulsed and with the terrified cry "Help, help! he's going,

he's gone!" Pemberton saw with equal horror, by Morgan's own

stricken face, that he was beyond their wildest recall. He pulled

him half out of his mother's hands, and for a moment, while they

held him together, they looked all their dismay into each other's

eyes, "He couldn't stand it with his weak organ," said Pemberton -

"the shock, the whole scene, the violent emotion."

"But I thought he WANTED to go to you!", wailed Mrs. Moreen.

"I TOLD you he didn't, my dear," her husband made answer. Mr.

Moreen was trembling all over and was in his way as deeply affected

as his wife. But after the very first he took his bereavement as a

man of the world.

End of The Project Gutenberg Etext of The Pupil by Henry James

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